Who is that beautiful woman on the wall? 

Named after the owner's mother, our venue is a homage to the wonderful lady who is the inspiration behind everything in our venue. Born and raised in the tiny town of Shady Dale, Georgia just hours outside of Atlanta, Mary Elizabeth Ross (nicknamed "Hazel' for the color of her eyes) quickly became known for her strength, compassion, and love for all types of people. 

Our owner, Jamie Boatner teamed up with Craige Walters (designer of Black Cat, Golden Gate Tap Room, August 1 Five, & much more) and took elements from the home he grew up in, the bar she owned in Wyoming, and parts of their past to create this gold-accented, retro 70's themed restaurant/bar. Jamie wanted to share the love he has for his mother, her cooking, and everyone's love for booze with the great city of San Francisco. 

The mural of Hazel is a reproduction of a much smaller painting that was commissioned in 1973, the year of Jamie's birth, in honor of her. Come by at the right time and you might just have a chance to meet her!